Furnishing a vacation rental was an interesting process for us. We started making a list of large items we needed based on what we were leaving at the house when we move. I then budgeted $1000 per room which I knew would be a challenge. Our list included buying 3 bedroom sets, most of the kitchen items, and some decorations. I searched craigslist for several weeks looking for bedroom sets and found someone near by selling a queen bedroom set. After speaking with the owner, Lois, we got lucky and ended finding a vacation rental owner that was selling their entire house.

We walked through each room and made a list of items we wanted to buy. Lois was extremely helpful walking us through her house and what she learned while she had her vacation rental. Here is a list of what we bought and a rough price we paid:

Queen Bedroom set $500
2 Twin Beds $100
Dresser $100
End Table $50
Antique Sewing Machine $100
Antique Painting $100
BBQ $75
Chair $100
Bar Stools $100
Coffee Maker $50
Dishes $100
Pots/Pans $50
Kitchen Accessories $50
Decorations $100

We’re planning to leave our living room furniture, dining room set, and the master bedroom set since it fits the house well. Other than that we bought enough furniture from Lois to fill in 90% of the remaining furniture. We did all of this for nearly $1500 and came under budget by $1500.

Without this find I doubt we would have been able to find everything used on craigslist alone. We would have been forced to buy new items and would have gone over our budget by 3 or 4 times our original estimate.